Hikari-Goldfish Gold- 300g


  • Hikari Goldfish Gold
  • Floating Baby size pellet 1.7~2.0mm in diameter
  • Suitable for most goldfish and Koi fry above 3 cm.
  • A color enhancing, daily diet that will allow the true beauty of your goldfish and koi fry to shine through.
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  • Offers rapid acceptance, easy digestion, great taste and outstanding nutrition to promote a long, healthy life.
  • No Supplemental Feeding Required.  This growth formula supports rapid weight gain while avoiding the buildup of internal fat deposits which can lead to conformation and health issues over time.
  • Color enhancing daily diet containing stabilized Vitamin C and carotene for active color enhancement which will bring out your fish’s true beauty. Contains Phaffia Dried Yeast, naturally rich in carotenoids which can help your pet develop their natural beauty and coloration. The addition of Astaxanthin further improves the color enhancing capacity.
  • The floating pellet allows younger users to easily see what the goldfish is consuming so they can easily avoid over-feeding
  • Supports immune system health. The uniquely balanced nutrient profile and the inclusion of Polyphenol, a powerful antioxidant derived from grapes, helps your pet be their best.

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Weight300 g