COMPACT BALL VALVE 32 mm ( THREADED ) PVC for plumbing

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Basic Sump

sump is essentially a container that houses your aquarium filtration equipment.  To learn more about how a sump can benefit your aquarium you can check out our post, What is a Sump.  A basic sump system consists of all the major filtration elements needed to sustain a reef tank.

Your overflow draws water from the surface of your display tank and drains it into the sump. The overflow design is a safe and easy way to supply water to your sump while also pulling proteins from the surface of your water to be removed via your filtration.

Bulkheads are used to provide a water tight seal through your glass and allows you to permanently attach various plumbing parts and components. From the outside of the bulkhead you have a drain pipe attached, this can be plumbed with hard or flexible tubing. Your drain pipe feeds water into the first stage of your filtration, a filter sock.

Filter socks are mechanical filtration and offer a great way for removing undissolved waste and other particulates from your aquarium. Once the water has traveled thought the filter sock it will travel to the protein skimmer.

Protein skimmers help aerate your aquarium water and also pull out dissolved and undissolved waste. The waste is collected in the collection cup area of the skimmer which is then removed during maintenance.

A sump is a great place to house your aquarium heater, this removes unattractive cords in your display tank and still provides your tank inhabitants with the correct water temperature they need to thrive.

The layout of your sump may differ, but a key design in every sump is a bubble trap. A bubble trap is a series of baffles or walls in the sump that direct the water into your return pump chamber and helps to prevent bubbles from entering your return pump which can then enter your display aquarium as pesky “Micro-bubbles”.

To return the water back to your display aquarium you will need a return pump. This is the heart of your filtration system because this pump is what moves water back unto your display aquarium from the sump. Water travels from the return pump, through your return pipe and back into your display aquarium.

To keep things organized it is recommended to have a power center. This gives you one main location to plug in all the devices from your sump. It is important to install this power center above the water line and in a dry location. When plugging in devices into your power center it is important to use proper drip loops to prevent any water damage. During the setup of your power center it is a good idea to label your outlets so you can easily identify what that particular plug powers. It is also recommended that you use a surge protected power center to help protect your equipment from power surges and connecting to GFCI protected outlets can help prevent some serious hazards, after all water and electricity do not play well.


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