Bio Elite aquarium plant grow – 250ml


BIO ELITE AQUARIUM PLANT GROW 250ML , the best fertilizer for aquatic plants !

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Bio Elite Aquarium plant grow 250ml  provides trace elements are essential for the health and growth of aquatic plants.

plant grow is the best , cheapest option when it comes to plant food better than root tabs a liquid fertilizer give the aquatic plants like Vallis , Anubis ,java fern , java moss the nutrients it need right there in the water rushing past its leaves


you will find that there is no phosphates or nitrates in bio elite aquarium plant grow which is  a positive because normally you would see algae blooms due to these elements .

Key Benefits

  • Stimulates plant growth
  • Replaces trace elements
  • Promotes healthy plants
  • Stunts algae growth

do not  Use when 

  • Stunted plant growth
  • Activated carbon is used in the filter, as it removes the trace elements
  • Signs of trace element deficiency

Additional information

Weight300 g


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