Where to Place your fish tank ?Tank Placement is very important, when placing a big tank it is more permanent than a smaller fish tank, which you can move around even once filled. Another thing to keep in mind is sunlight and wall plugs, because these elements do effect your fish tank as well. You do not want direct sunlight shining into your aquarium or even reflecting as this will cause major algae blooms and growth which is not necessarily bad to the aquarium but definitely unpleasant to look at. Lastly the wall plugs will be used for Filters, Heaters, and any other equipment for the fish tank. Basic summary is place your tank in a quite place where everyone in the family can enjoy it with enough plugs close by and minimum sunlight directly on the tank .
How much does a small fish tank setup cost ?Lets not waste any time, R 600 is what a basic setup will cost you when adding all the necessary equipment. No livestock included as the tank needs to cycle at least 1 week before adding any fish , read more about the nitrogen cycle further down . Filtration and Heating is included , please note that the price also differ depending on Brand names or how you want to decorate your fish tank. Popular example is if you want to Aqua Scape your fish tank , prepare for paying 3 – 4 times the price as there is a lot to add to your setup like Co2 and much more.
Maintaining your aquarium ?The maintenance needed on your tank will depend on how much fish you have in your tank. Please Note : you do not get a maintenance free tank, if you have a planted tank with some shrimp or just six tetra’s you can get away with doing a water-change once a month , also depending on how much you feed and if there is direct sunlight on the tank. On the other hand if you have a tank that is stocked with Malawi’s or big aggressive cichlids once a week you will have to do maintenance on the tank which includes gravel vacuum and water changes. Goldfish are also a wasteful fish , great tip to lessen the waste , feed you fish less .
What size tank should I get ?The size of you tank is depending on the fish you like, the bigger the fish the more water is needed, here is a guide , While there are many different types of fish, each with different needs, you can use this basic rule of thumb to make sure that your fish have plenty of room to move around in your tank. It’s also a good formula that will help keep your tank cleaner and prevent harmful substances like ammonia and nitrate from building up to dangerously high levels. So for example, if you have a tank that holds 20 gallons (76 L) of water, and you want to add some bottom feeder fish that measure about 4 inches (10 cm) long each, then you can add about 5 of them to your tank.
How Much Substrate do I need ?

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